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Comic 443 – “Final Shot”


Errol: FILMING IS DONE! I am so pleased! We were worried about rain, we were worried about time. We needed to film an outdoor shot for the second episode, and there was forecast of rain!

And then when we arrived, there was a city truck parked in front of the tree we were using. Why so hung up on the tree? Because we had filmed earlier by the same tree, and so we needed it for continuity.

However, we were able to get things done early!

And now… filming is all done! I won’t see them again for awhile. *sigh* So sad…

Whitless:  I’m going to blurb too and abuse my editor status power :D.  It’s been quite a month.  I learned a lot.  There were hiccups and nights when I wondered what on earth I’d gotten myself into and that I was in way over my head.  There was rain and light malfunctions not to mention trying to schedule 6 people who all had full time jobs.  But there were also many times when my stomach hurt from too much laughing at all the set shenanigans.  There was the excitement I felt when I saw my very talented friends bring our script and songs to life.  And now, we’ve crossed at least one finish line, tired and hopefully somewhat wiser of just what goes into a production like this.  We’ve still got a lot of editing work ahead of us as well as ADR, but for the time being I’m extremely proud of what everyone has done :).

2 Responses to Comic 443 – “Final Shot”

  1. Just noticed, but in the third panel, the emblem on Kelsey’s shirt is only in outline form…