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Comic 445 – “Saturated”


Errol: Whew! I’m getting tired doing all this editing. And it’s not even good editing! So much footage… a lot of ME footage.

And the sad thing, I TRIED to keep my hair the same length, but I wasn’t that successful, so there are going to be continuity errors. Further more, I didn’t exercise too much in the last two months because of this musical, so all I see is my face getting rounder and the chins getting more numerous as the footage goes on. Like the picture of Dorian Gray.

I miss Terraria.

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15 Responses to Comic 445 – “Saturated”

  1. Hey Errol, write some NaNoToons!~

    Also, these anti-spam math questions are HARD. How am I supposed to know four x 8?
    (Yes, it’s 32. But STILL. STILLLLL.)