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Comic 449 – “Nano Interview”

Errol: This is all true, again. Poor manpans. I just figured that if she’s going to write something in an interview, she shouldn’t LIE! It’s OK to be introverted! Be proud!

 Whitless:  I wasn’t lying!  I just wasn’t saying EEEEVERYTHING!  One of the reasons I didn’t go to events was because I was busy writing :D.  They didn’t need to know I’m shy too :D.

One Response to Comic 449 – “Nano Interview”

  1. Google Docs is awesome…
    DropBox is awesome

    GoogleDrive is free DropBox, but I still prefer DropBox but at least GD’s free offering made DB increase their space allocation some. Which means for what I use it for DropBox is free too.

    I just use GD for Google Docs and with Titanium backup to store infinite backups of my Android phone’s software..