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Comic 454 – “Hype”


Errol: Yes, this is true. Manpans is always worried people will find out about our Musical. It’s like, she wants to keep it a secret or something.

I hope she doesn’t treat her boyfriend like that. Can you imagine? Hmmm… that could be another comic.

Boy of Manpans: Hey, let’s go out for dinner.

I feel for you, future boy. I feel for you.

Whitless:  Sadly, yes, this is true and is fairly close to our actual conversations.  I’m terrible at marketing myself out of sheer fear of disappointing the masses and then dealing with the big pile of failure.  Believe it or not, I was worse years ago.  Many people never knew I was doing a show until opening night.  Now at least I invite people over facebook or through a vlog.  Last night I made a huge leap forward and at Errol’s request started adding Nano people to our twitter account.  It was terrifying.  But also exciting.  I’m learning :D. 

5 Responses to Comic 454 – “Hype”

  1. I’ve been linking the trailers in the England:Milton Keynes section of the NaNo forums (and on their facebook group)…

    Checking up on it, you’ve had at least nine people view it through my linking…

  2. I used to be like Manpans is in this comic. One day i just got over myself and stopped worrying about it and started promoting my music and stuff, and while some people do actually despise me now at least it’s all out in the open! 🙂

    PS – and the upshot is that some people don’t despise me that otherwise would never have had the chance, those are the moments we live for…..

      • It’s kind of cool… we’ve had 3 new posted in the forum in as many business days (and only one of them was related to me!)