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Comic 455 – “Nanotoons Again”

Errol: Huzzah! The Nanotoons site has this year’s first comic. More nanowrimo fun. For those of you who aren’t doing it, you are probably sick of us talking about it. So… that should entice you to do it! COME ON! JOIN US!

Well… me. I doubt Debs is doing it this year.

10 Responses to Comic 455 – “Nanotoons Again”

  1. Well, getting organised seems to be a thing here- I mean I already have a word war arranged with somebody on my other usual forum.

  2. Funess! (Funness? Fun-ness?)

    NaNoToons was my main cause of distraction last year, and I don’t regret that at all.
    Well, maybe I regret it for the fact it brought me to be introduced via interwebs to Error.