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Comic 459 – “SFContario 3”

Errol: Allo All! I think we’re doing a small 45 minute concert with the Filkers at SFCOntario! It’s not verified for sure yet, but it would be our first con! We don’t normally do cons, so it will be quite interesting.

I do know, however, Kari Maaren is doing a concert and leading a Uke panel, I think. Actually, I don’t know much, but I know she will be there. 😀

10 Responses to Comic 459 – “SFContario 3”

  1. Resistance is apparently futile. The “uke panel” is a “uke jam,” apparently led by three of us. I’m not sure anybody is entirely clear on what it will entail, but there will be ukes, and that’s enough. And yay for a Debs and Errol concert! I still haven’t ever seen one of those.