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Comic 460 – “NaNoForums”

Errol: I do have stupid goals. I admit it. You should see my goals in Terraria!

Whitless:  It’s true.  Forums don’t hold a whole lot of interest for me.  Which is probably why Errol wasn’t even aware of my existence in past Nano years.  I can’t say why exactly.  Maybe it’s a little initmidating to try and even keep up with all the stuff AND to post witty banter 24/7.  In some ways, it’s even more stressful than talking to people face to face :D.

13 Responses to Comic 460 – “NaNoForums”

  1. I’m slowly approaching triple digits in the D&E forum thanks to MP’s Animal Understudy Game.. I whizzed past Sarah not too long ago MWAHAHAHAH!

  2. I tend to view things the other way around to Manda- on the grounds that I find forums a lot easier to deal with than interacting with most people under most circumstances…

    Although, to be fair, the banter need not be witty all the time.