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Comic 473 – “Render Times”


Errol: Never fails. You get something done early, and it will be to no avail. 😀

And here ya go! The second episode of Nanowrimo: The Musical!

7 Responses to Comic 473 – “Render Times”

  1. Panel four you got lazy Errol- you must have flipped Kelsey and then not corrected her shirt logo. Where is your sense of quality control?!

    • When did you assume I had one! 😀 Don’t you remember Debs flower? Jen’s bow last year?

      Although, Jen’s bow was fixed this year. BWAHAHHAA.

  2. I was not a happy camper when I heard this. I had to wait an extra two hours. and then I fell asleep anyway. Sigh.

  3. I’d just chastised myself regarding how ignorant it would be to comment about how slight the Canadian accents were when thinking about the novel out in the outside.

    But then the guy in the big red Canada sweatshirt picked up a maple leaf, waved it in the air and started (gently) bashing people in the face with it…

  4. This comic is awesome, thank you for it. But now that I’ve caught up… what will I do when I’m supposed to be writing?

  5. I made a comment and it vanished, so trying this again.

    Hi. Love the comic. Love your vids, and the nano musical. I just finished reading the comic from day one to present, and am left with one pretty serious question, a real cliffhanger…

    Now that I’m caught up, what am I going to do when I’m supposed to be writing my nano novels?

    Seriously though, you guys are awesome.