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Comic 474 – “Too Often”


Errol: At one point in time, Luke wanted to be in the comic. Now he FEARS IT! MUWAHAHAHA.

And also! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN! I’m awfully at noticing birthdays… darn good thing I saw Debbie Ohi say Happy Bday.

So, watcha up to for b-day, Brian?

Whitless:  Half the words out of Errol’s mouth these days are “I should put this in a comic.”  We’ve all become careful of what we say now.  And it’s Brian’s bday?!  Hurray!

4 Responses to Comic 474 – “Too Often”

  1. Thank you so much!

    What am I gonna do? I’m gonna go see BATMAN! I think this is the last day it will be in the cheap theater here. So I’ve just informed my teens kids they are taking me to the movies for my birthday 🙂

  2. Wow, that was fast! I just commented on being caught up, and poof. New comic! Sweet. Wonder if that could happen again.

    I’m all caught up.