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Comic 477 – “Panel Prep”


Errol: I still get that dream. That dream where I am positive I don’t have my degree, and I’m missing out on a few courses, and it’s the end of the school year, so I have to come back for one more year, and hopefully, I can finish.  I hate that dream.

5 Responses to Comic 477 – “Panel Prep”

  1. This sounds very similar to your last panel!

    For me the dream is not getting my course schedule and knowing where to go or finding out that I’d been at the wrong place at a certain time through out the year and I’d missed attending one my my classes most of the year.. No like.

  2. Oh my gosh, I have that dream too!!! Mine is that I have an exam and I keep getting lost and I don’t know where the exam is being held and I completely forgot to study for it. I HATE that dream!!!

  3. I didn’t even see the questions until after I got home from the con.

    I have several different permutations of that dream. Some of them don’t even make sense. I don’t know why I should dream that I’m in a play but haven’t learned my lines; I haven’t been in a play since high school. The variant where I haven’t prepared for a lecture is a little more relevant. I don’t understand why I have to be stressed out all night AS WELL AS all day.

  4. yeah… I don’t know about you Kari, but it’s not like school was last year or the year before… Let it go already brain!

  5. eHermit: Indeed. I do TEACH university courses now, so anxiety dreams about THAT make sense, but ones in which I haven’t studied for a test don’t. I even have anxiety dreams about being a kid and living with my family in a house that was actually demolished about ten years ago. My brain is clearly a very strange place.