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Comic 478 – “Panel Etiquette”

Errol: This is all true. Well, Jane, the facilitator, sat in between us to split us up. It didn’t really help. 

Manda:  No seriously, this is word for word.  At one point, half the panel told Errol “Errol, you need to stop talking.” and he turned his mic around.  I almost yelled out that it wouldn’t make a difference.  It didn’t either :D.  But he also had some really good and interesting points to bring up!  It was fun.  And I’m in a dilemma now as to what to call myself on this site.  Whitless?  Manda?  Manpans?  I’m having a huge identity crisis since I met Errol.  It used to be so simple.

4 Responses to Comic 478 – “Panel Etiquette”

  1. I was on the panel too, and I can verify that this is word for word. Also, Errol kept interrupting me, Joel, Jane, AND the people in the audience, and every time he did, Debs went, “Shut UP, Errol!” It was the most hilarious thing ever. I think Errol gets rather excited when he is on panels. Well, and all the rest of the time as well.