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Comic 491 – “Errolisms”


Errol: Poor manpans posted this on facebook the other day, and after we did the podcast last night, she brought it up again with an air of frustration that made my heart all aglow. It’s times like these that I think it’s all worth it. And just for those that need ‘pics or didn’t happen’, here’s the facebook status:


Whitless: It’s true. Β I’m doomed. Β Soon I’ll be making fun of everyone’s dating life.Β 

However, we’re not done with all the things that are happening today! Did West of Bathurst have another comic about us? YES! BWAHAHAHAHA! πŸ˜€

And finally, here’s the next episode of Nanowrimo: The Musical!


9 Responses to Comic 491 – “Errolisms”

  1. Bombarding you with Errols- no, we did that to Manda and I prefer not repeating myself. We do need to address the idiosyncrasies of your speech though, before it reaches epidemic proportions.

  2. I was saying “awesome” a lot with a guest the other day, and when she replied that her day had been awesome so far, I almost said “Huzzah!”.

  3. I do have other friends who also say Huzzah! I think it is long past time for its return to popularity.. (Ok they are all renfaire loving friends but still…)

  4. This is true! I was talking about this today! I’m starting to act like this in certain ways as well… being weird… and… it’s a very happy way to be, is it not? Happy and excited an laughing and not really being bothered if people don’t like it? Or is this just from staying up until nearly 1am on forums and word warring last night? hahaha –
    I was rolling around like Rick from the musical yesterday, too! It’s very fun! πŸ˜€ great comic. Off to do more writing now. πŸ˜€