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Comic 490 – “West of Us”

Errol: Yes! We appear in Kari’s West of Bathurst webcomic! And the crossover will go for two weeks! How exciting is that! 😀 HUZZAH!

Oh, and I should also mention, for those of you who don’t know, every 100 comics I get the users to submit their own Debs & Errol comics. The only restriction is that it is G-rated, and you somehow include us in it. It can be just Debs, it can be just me, you can just talk about us in passing!

I need to get your comics December 6th by the latest! I’ll remind you again. 😀

17 Responses to Comic 490 – “West of Us”

  1. Any excessive “thinness” of Errol results from the fact that I’m basing the characters on the comic versions of Debs and Errol (thus Debs’s somewhat spiky hair), not the real-life versions. I can never remember what people look like in real life anyway, even when they have videos of themselves all over the Internet. Okay, you got me: I’m lazy. Or busy. Or both. I need chocolate.

  2. Wow, that’s cool! You’re even more famous now 😀
    And really, we can submit comics??? That’s awesome…. (don’t know if I will… I’d need a good idea… before 6 Dec… hmm…) And being excited is good! I love being excited. It usually gets squashed though. 😛

  3. Anyone who wants to use/improve my bitstrips characters is quite welcome to. I’m not convinced I have everyone right but I had realized that I was at risk of going hours deeper into that rabbit hole if I didn’t stop there. Usually I am VERY satisfied with the characters I create, but I’m not sure I got these quite exactly right. there wasn’t that point where I said AHAH! That’s them.

    Anyway, here’s the link:

  4. Why did I have to discover a new webcomic during NaNo- and why did I have to go through their entire archive of comics in less than a day?

    • I discovered that one during Nano too… and have read through all of it twice now. :: Sighs::

      • *Puts on Grammar Lady Hat*

        “More thinner” is problematic because you are trying to apply two legitimate rules at once. You are dealing with the grammatical property known as “degree of comparison,” which has three basic categories: the positive, the comparative, and the superlative. A common rhyme about these categories is:

        Good, better, best:
        Never let it rest
        Till the good is better
        And the better best.

        The “positive” is an adjective or adverb (though let’s stick to adjectives for now, as bringing adverbs in can get confusing) that simply tells us what the noun it modifies is like (good, big, thin, cunning). The “comparative” is an adjective or adverb that indicates that the noun in question is somehow greater than something else (better, bigger, thinner, more cunning). The “superlative” is an adjective or adverb that indicates that the noun in question is the GREATEST in its category (best, biggest, thinnest, most cunning). Because English is an insane language, some words change their endings to indicate comparative and superlative meanings. Some are regular in form (big, bigger, biggest) and some irregular (good, better, best). Some words, however, never change their endings. Instead, they take “more” and “most” as modifiers (cunning, more cunning, most cunning). Modifiers are not used in conjunction with modified endings. It is necessary to memorise which words have regular modified endings, which have irregular modified forms, and which take “more” and “most.”

        Thus ends today’s boring but necessary grammar lesson.

        *Takes off Grammar Lady Hat*