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Comic 496 – “2^10”


Errol: Last night was Nerd Mafia’s Secret Santa Pub Night! Huzzah! I got a knitted Dalek! (Debs: Errol, it’s crocheted, not knit. You should know these things. Your wife knits!) And I was excited because it was so bouncy.

The new character is Amber, who I met a couple of times through Nanowrimo. She was my 1024 friend on Facebook, and that was so exciting that Brian suggested she should have a price! So I offered her a prize, and she asked for a comic cameo! HUZZAH! 😀

And yes, I did go around hitting people on the head with the Dalek. It was so fun!!

Whitless:  This happened.  All of it.  I attempted to take it away after 50 bops to my head and he screamed and yelled like a five year old who was threatened with no dessert.  The only thing not properly conveyed was Errol yelling “Exterminate”.  Cause he yelled it in an Errol voice, making him the most annoying sounding Dalek in history.  And Daleks are already annoying :D.


6 Responses to Comic 496 – “2^10”

  1. This may doom me, but… I wish I could have seen this.
    Not that I need to. I’ve met Errol.. twice, I think? ..and I’m pretty sure I can accurately picture how he looked/sounded already.