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Comic 498 – “Membership”

Errol: That’s right! We want your comics today! For those of you just joining, every 100 comicsweI get the users to submit their own Debs & Errol comics. The only restriction is that it is G-rated, and you somehow include us in it. It can be just Debs, it can be just me, you can just talk about us in passing!

I need to get your comics TODAY!

And what’s awesome, you can use Bitstrip too! Brian Layman has made some Debs and Errol characters!

If you created a comic, email me at

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22 Responses to Comic 498 – “Membership”

  1. Apologies guys, I have no ideas- and next to no time to implement the ideas I currently lack.

  2. Lol. Apparently I could tell. The link to the album is back now, at least! Yay for that! Still have to use a captcha every time I post though. Ah well. Still worth it.

  3. I think that Lizette should make a comic, then she can be in one!
    You haven’t had a texting-with-Lizette comic in a while. Talk to your sister once in a while, Errol. Sheesh.

  4. Weird…I posted earlier, and now it is gone. Ah well. All I said was that I would normally submit a comic, but seeing as I’ve actually been drawing D&E comics for two weeks now, that would probably be beside the point.

    • yeah he’s moving all sorts of things about. I think this is sort of the new old layout… or maybe it was the old new layout…

  5. By the way, I need to stop listening to your album on break, because I keep telling my guests about it. :: Sighs::

      • A surprising lot of them, yes. A lot of cool Star Wars shirts pass my way. And the other day I had one guest who had Kryptonian script on his arms as tattoos, and since we both seemed to be enjoying confusing my co-worker, we started talking about how cool Gallafrayian is…. next thing you know, I’m writing Debs and Errol’s names on a receipt so he could look up “Geek Love Song”