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Comic 499 – “New Hermit Hole!”


Errol: Huzzah! We are on a new site! Brian Layman is now hosting us and I don’t have to worry about caching it (which gave those weird problems of comments not showing up). Huzzah!

And tomorrow? Our 500th comic! What a ride! I can’t wait to post all the comics. 😀

Debs: Okay, I’ve got to say that Brian’s comic character beyond adorable. Actually, I think he’s my new favourite!

24 Responses to Comic 499 – “New Hermit Hole!”

  1. Welcome to the comic. Can you give us capchas that don’t require me to do mathematics after an 8 hour shift? LOL

      • That should be the case. When we moved servers, the security for the browser cookies was reset. So people will need to log in again if they prefer that. 🙂

  2. It logged me out and wont let me log in anywhere. So It is posting with my name and image, but I’m not logged in.

  3. I agree that the math problems are getting harder. Nothing is worse than being home sick and then having to figure out what plus 8 is 14.

      • I some sort of 48 hour stomach bug or something of the sort. I’m fine now, most likely because I slept a lot yesterday.
        Thanks for the concern, though. It’s nice to feel like people, despite the fact that I only know them through the Interwebz, care about me and my health. x3