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Comic 517 – “Not Entirely Accurate”


Errol: My fam is over. We keep going to see movies. And I have to do chores. This is getting in the way of my knitting. I’ve restarted the project so many times now, I’ve lost count.

Debs: Heh. I’m leaving him in not blue. Errol, you can knit at the movies, you know 😀 If it’s something simple. You picked something really hard to knit though (“small” does not equal “easy” in knitting) and on DPN’s to boot. A humungous Totoro would have actually been a lot easier 🙂

8 Responses to Comic 517 – “Not Entirely Accurate”

  1. While we’re being picky about details in comics, your blurb for this one should be blue.

  2. You should print out that pattern and then mark down where you are on it everytime you have to stop :D.

    • There are also stitch markers and row counters that you can use for that. You just picked something really hard to start off with though.