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Comic 516 – “Ravelry Joined


Errol: Did I join Yes. Debs and I spent the afternoon knitting together on google hangouts. That would have been the most boring hang out ever for anyone else.

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7 Responses to Comic 516 – “Ravelry Joined

  1. I actually have sort of stayed out of Ravelry as it has been a Denise escape from Brian sort of place 🙂 I don’t want to creep on EVERYTHING she does – or at least I don’t want to leave evidence that I am… Besides, that’s what network packet sniffer programs are for..

  2. My computer is back! (I hope) Just caught up on D&E. So, probably best to make all my comments in one post. For anyone who wants to skip, the TL:DNR is: I’m back!

    @the CYOA: Awesome, though I could have done without the bathroom bit. I read all the other options though. Impressive. That was an awesome job you did, Errol. Too cool.

    @ Knitting – my grandma promised to teach me as a kid, as she is a leftie and I wanted to learn it lefty. (I’m mixed dominance and until a few years ago, I acted more like a lefty than a righty.) But she and my mom have been knitting so much lately that I pushed the issue again, only to find out she was forced to learn it right handed, so doesn’t want to teach me. My mom offered to teach me, but there is a LOT of counting in knitting. Never would have guessed that. With crochet, which I’ve been doing since I was little, I can do that with my hands while my brain is elsewhere (watching a game cut scene, watching Doctor who, watching anime, talking on the phone, hanging out) Knitting seems like… well… work. I don’t like to count, I don’t like patterns, I just like to create. I’m FAST at crochet, and can make things just from trying “what if” a few times, but all the math and focus in knitting is worrying me off now.

    Update on me: Busted ankle -> modified duty (Work I can do sitting down) -> (somehow) me steaming dresses. -> I drop steamer on Xmas day, try to catch it, it catches me instead. Another 7 hours at health services and the doctor’s office. At the same time, I thought my computer fully died, hopefully it was just the plug, cause I bought a new one and it seems to be working now. And of course, with all the missed work, after rent was deducted (my job controls my housing, so I don’t pay rent, they take it out of my pay instead) I had 39$. To last me the whole next week. So much for buying presents this week. again. I hate being broke.

    So yeah, that’s where I’m at. I missed you guys, and was twitching over broken computer. Hopefully it’ll keep working now.

    Hope you all had a better holiday season than I did. Love luck and lollipops.

    So, I hurt my ankle, which I said here so some of you may know

      • Poor Lore Hera. Don’t worry. I’ve been there. Recently, in fact :). Well, not the busted ankle or the steamer to the arm (OOOOUUUUCH) but definitely the $40 to last me a week and a half in a big city. Ask Errol, that’s when I finally ignore my shyness and just ask if people can feed me :D. In fact I just sent an email to a couple of my friends to tell them that I wouldn’t be getting them stuff for their bdays this year (birthdays in January…sucky). So yeah, we understand where you’re coming from :). Hang in there! Hope you’re feeling better at least!

      • Thanks, I only bought like.. a quarter of my holiday gifts, and I still have to buy plane tickets, and second suitcase fees and all that junk x.x I hate money, can’t we o back to barter? I have stuff. I can trade stuff.