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Contest: Vote For A Star Wars Parody!


Remember we have Fan Fiction: Star Wars gig coming up? It’s in our sidebar if you aren’t paying attention. We have our normal Star Wars songs to sing, but now we need you to vote on a parody from

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8 Responses to Contest: Vote For A Star Wars Parody!

  1. If those are “radio buttons” on the left of the song names, they aren’t enabled for me. I’m not sure how you made them that specific. 🙂

    (IOW, I’m not sure *how* to vote.)

    • The “please don’t spam or stalk me” lines? The stuff that’s blacked out would tell you where I live (street address, although not unit number), my full name, my e-mail address, my profession, and the company I work for. I figured blacking it out might be a good idea…

      • I’ve done tech support.. You’d be amazed a the tabs people have open in their screenshots. One that comes to mind is: “Google – _ _ _ shops in Toronto” I’ll let figure out those three letters on your own.