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Suggest Comic Bios!

I am finally getting around to comic bios! Huzzah! I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, but things got busy. However now that the site is stable, I can get this going again. I have put four principle characters in the bio, but I would like to put EVERY character, with a link to when they first appeared!

Do you have an idea for a Bio for yourself? A bio for someone else? By all means, please give me suggestions! give them on the bio page themselves so I don’t lose it!

And yes, if you did notice, this is a way to see their symbols up close. 😀

14 Responses to Suggest Comic Bios!

  1. Dan, The Video Ninja

    A shady, behind-the-scenes operator with a knack for presentation and making others look good, Dan The Video Ninja steps out of the shadows now and then to enjoy the company of other geeks, but slips quietly away in a flash and puff of smoke before anyone even notices.

    Calm and resourceful, even Errol’s antics can’t shake this smooth project master. For The Video Ninja, an extroverted ball of energy like Errol is just another force of nature for him to master!

  2. Hmm I’m logged in and I have two sweet captchas below. Will it let me post a comment anyway? Nope… Maybe I can just complete one of them..

    • Yeah that worked… The one negative thing about Javascript catpchas is that it won’t work on any phone that doesn’t support JS. I don’t know if there are many commenters that don’t have JS though… I think it should work on iPads and other tablets…

  3. I do prefer the picture captchas to the math ones, but still, I thought we logged in to not have any. Ah well, at least these are kind of fun.

  4. I liked the math ones, but I’m sick that way…

    Attempt 1 at a profile:
    This is Brian. He’s an eHermit. That means he groks[1] all of the Debs and Errol songs. Few have seen him IRL[2], but he seems to be online for Google Hangouts 24×7 and Leezet thinks he’s “Adooooorable”. He whispers to servers and WordPress blogs and hosts the D&E website. When people share things with him on Facebook, it’s usually StarWars, Doctor Who or FireFly related.

    [1] That’s geek for “gets”
    [2] In Real Life – eHermits can’t usually tell the difference..

  5. Oh and if this is still for suggestions… maybe anyone who makes it into the categories should have a bio? Just a thought. XD