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West of Bathurst – Final Awesome Crossover

Errol: I did literally LOL at this. Ok, I chuckled loudly that my wife wondered if I was laughing at her. 😀 This is great, I love it. I also like what Kari did with the title. And she makes me look utterly insane. Or maybe… she’s just writing from observation. Anyway, I love it! 😀



34 Responses to West of Bathurst – Final Awesome Crossover

  1. She makes you look utterly insane because you ARE utterly insane. “Look! A rock! Has that always been here?! I have to CLIMB IT!”

    • I managed to read ALL of your West of Bathurst comics. You’re hilarious!!! My favorite line: “Quiet. I’m thinking and despairing at the same time.” I love that. It’s going to be my motto from now on.

  2. *Ahem*


    I have found myself shouting this out at random moments today. It’s just kind of catchy. And yes, it is all Errol’s fault, as he’s the one who introduced the phrase “bouncy Dalek” (as an exclamation) in the first place.

  3. Hmm I thought I replied to this before… I don’t know why but I really liked ManPans in this one… Maybe it’s the hair…