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Comic 523 – “SpinTunes”


Errol: How awesome is that? We get to be judges for Spintunes! I have heard about Spintunes before, but never got involved.

However, the comic is pretty much right, Debs and I rarely agree on anything. That’s why I always wait for her to leave the band. 😀

And it’s during FAWM too. That’s when Debs retreats into her cocoon. Ah well, gives me something to do. 😀

Debs: It’s not a cocoon! It’s just my time to write emo music! And you do FAWM too, remember? But yes, this will be highly interesting because we have really different approaches to music.

14 Responses to Comic 523 – “SpinTunes”

  1. I have nothing to add to this conversation; I’m just commenting here to see if this whole “register and log in” thing is really working. No math this time, so I guess it does!