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Comic 526 – “Telethon!”


Errol: I am not the meditating type. This is not to say people don’t need to meditate. I know of some who do. In fact, there is this service at my church where all they do is meditate for an hour.

I don’t go to that.

Debs: I like how you say “all they do is meditate for an hour” like an hour’s a lot.

Anyway, I am thinking of doing some sort of 6 hour telethon where we promote the NaNoMusical IndieGogo campaign. We would stream a google hangout. It could be fun. Maybe we can sing. Do commentaries on the musical. Who knows.

Or maybe you can watch me knit.

42 Responses to Comic 526 – “Telethon!”

  1. On a practical note, you’ll need to restart the streaming partway through, because I know from the p4a livestream that google caps these things at 4 hours currently.

  2. I’ve never actually been in a Google hang out. I think my publisher may well kill me if I go to one, since I argued against using them for a meeting with my editor, lol. But I’ll send tons and tons of warm wishes. (I dislike web cam chat rooms)

    • Don’t worry, Lore Hera. You can watch on youtube… and don’t have to show your face, or anything. It will be a stream, and you can be completely anonymous!

  3. So I’ve gotten one of my two best friends into the Nano video and back reading the comics and all that. We’re sitting and watching anime, when suddenly she starts looking around, all upset seeming, then I notice her eying the now empty bag of chips she had been munching on. I asked if she was out, she said “Just call me Errol”, after asking if there were more hiding under a chair somewhere, I did get her permission before posting this. πŸ™‚

  4. I love to meditate, although I don’t do it very often.
    With my ADD I’m not good at sitting still doing nothing, but somehow I tricked my brain into believing that meditating is actually doing something (I am focusing on breathing) so I can meditate.

    • sigh… I keep reading this as medicate… though it makes for interesting interpretations sometimes..

      • It is! My friend was telling me about the meditating powers of knitting and the studies that have been done on it! It’s just another way to get your brain into the meditation state.

  5. Sigh… I can’t log in right. Blergh.

    Google hangout sounds fun. But there is a good chance I will forget between now & then.

  6. The not Errol posted, but her post is awaiting moderation. I can’t wait to see what she said. :: tries to peek over shoulder::

  7. I always hought of knitting as a kind f moving meditation. You don’t have to be still to meditate. I got to go to a sema last week and do Sufi whirling. Really amazing exerience. I need to investigate more about this.

    • When I knit, I bring up G+ hangouts and chat with people. πŸ˜€

      I can’t believe Debs meditation retreat doesn’t allow knitting!