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Comic 527 – “Meditation”


Errol: Debs is off meditating somewhere. And we have a Telethon this Sunday. I really should start advertising that or something.

And I finally fixed Manpans’s comic character so I can include her in the comic! Huzzah! Yes, I still have to fix all the characters. *sigh*

Manda: I was BROKEN?! And YAY TELETHON!….I still don’t know what we have to do for that.

That’s why Manpans hasn’t been in the comic, all the characters are still version 1.0, and I’m trying to get them up to 1.5. If you’re thinking I’m not hanging out with the Manpans, just ask her. She’s the one that handles the brunt of me. I rarely see Debs. She goes off and meditates…

Manda: It’s true, although Errol’s been pretty busy and has not been binge texting. Sometimes it gets to the point where I don’t even feel guilty! But then he comes back and the mind games begin anew. It’s like Jedi Training, only instead of failing to raise x-wings out of the water, I fail at deflecting guilt. I’m getting there though! I probably made an incorrect star wars reference too. The internet is going to kill me. Again.

Debs: …

26 Responses to Comic 527 – “Meditation”

      • Videos to show, maybe? Anything that needs editing? Not really sure what you had in mind for a telethon, but I could write stuff. Just… anything I can do without having to be on camera myself. 🙂

      • Sure! Already had one in mind that I was planning on working on today. :: Grins:: hope it comes out as well as I’m imagining!

  1. I’ll try and watch your telethon but I definitely won’t be able to see all of it seeing as I’m like 5 hours ahead of you…

    I’d offer to help as well but I’m the opposite of Lore, I’m good in front of the camera and useless behind it and I don’t have a camera or anything so I wouldn’t be able to send you a video, not that it would help in any way…

    Are all the cast going to be involved or is it just going to be a WE Tangent thing?

    • Sadly, Luke is busy, and Debs is gone. So it will be myself, Manda and Blythe.

      We could pull in other people if you guys want!

  2. Got part way through the first video, will try to do more tonight. Once the first is done, I’d be open to requests. 🙂

    • I’m going to play them all from my computer, as opposed to from the internet so the hangout doesn’t get choppy. Is there a way I can download your video, Lore? You have my email. 😀

  3. Sure thing, I’ll put it in my photobucket once it is done, and send you the link so you can dl it. I have a down-loader also I can link you to, if that doesn’t work.

  4. I share my obsessions. Now he’s talking to me about BSG, I still haven’t seen any of it…

      • You’d better hurry up with it Errol, because even by the standards of spoiler proofing you agreed to for Errol and the Bald Guy (five years I believe) you’re already in danger of anything up to the beginning of season four being spoiled…