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Comic 538 – “Workshop Prep”



Errol: This happened last night. Poor Debs. πŸ˜€

For proof, just head on over to the FAWM Facebook page. πŸ˜€ I really should ask Brian how he wants me to tag things now. πŸ˜€

Debs: I think Brian needs to teach us how to use our website. I like the tagging more than the categories actually. πŸ™‚

Brian:Β Heh, you did pretty good on this one. Β MP is right, I would have (have) added a knitting tag. Β πŸ™‚ Categories are like building a table of Contents. Β Tags are what you would find in the index in the back of a book. Β So I would expect this to have the category of comic, but fawm would only be a tag and not a category – unless you plan on making a fawm menu at the top of the blog. Β Oh wait blurbs supposed to be funny aren’t they? bah!

17 Responses to Comic 538 – “Workshop Prep”

  1. Aww I was going to ask how Errol was typing while he was knitting at the same time. The mouse over stole my comment lol. πŸ™‚

  2. Probably wants the knitting tag considering Errol’s knitting in frame (there are so many with that tag that I’m guessing that’s all the tag has required thus far)

    Is there an online harassment tag? If not, should there be one?

  3. I could see how he could Knit and harass people online at the same time. I crochet and RP at the same time, some times. It’s multitasking. Do a row, type a reply, do a row, type a replay, add rinse repeat.

  4. So… I just spent about 45 minutes making instant pudding. Yes instant 5 minute pudding. I had an idiot moment and used water instead of milk and ended up with white chocolate water. Panic. Well maybe it will still become pudding…. nope. My mother suggested to add powdered milk (as did the internet)… Great! We have that in the house. It took me around 10 mins or so to FIND the stuff and then I had to guesstimate how much to add (wound up with about a cup). Yay it puddingfied! Of course after all that I wasn’t that hungry for pudding anymore… ugh. I still ate some though… XD
    Pointless share but I needed to get that out over the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

  5. Once I was making into finger Jello and I added gelatin to it before taking it off of the stove so that it was still boiling. It instantly foamed up everywhere but at the end of it all I’d made a really cool super bounce spoon! I always wanted to try it again with the gelatin twisted in plastic wrap into a ball shape. Making your own super ball would be cool…