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Comic 537 – “Debs is back”


Errol: I forgot when Debs was coming back and then I get the text “Wow not even 1 text?” I wasn’t going to text! She’s on a retreat away from civilization! She wouldn’t have responded anyway. I need people to at least acknowledge they’re annoyed by me!

Manda: So that’s all it takes?…nah, I have ultimate faith that one day I will best Errol in comebacks. So I need all the practice I can get. It might take years. And hello again Debs!

Debs: Funny you mention that; the entire point of learning this is so that you can control your overreacting. 🙂 Also, Errol, I wasn’t actually back when I texted you; the last day of the course is a buffer day when you can contact the outside world again. The signal was terrible though – darn Chatr! And Hi Manda!

9 Responses to Comic 537 – “Debs is back”

  1. Debs is alive! And not wearing cultist robes! Huzzah!

    (Also, multiplication captcha? Why are you making me use my brain!?)

    • * Laughs * While I was there though I was sad that I hadn’t brought my Jedi robe. That would have been so cool. Hi Quinn!