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Comic 540 – “Yakko Finger Puppet!”



Errol: It’s done! I finished it AND I finished the pattern! I even went and added it to Ravelry! My very first pattern!

I know no one else really cares, but it’s crazy exciting for me. I went and created the pattern in Illustrator and everything!Β  If you want to check out the pattern, you can see it on my Geek Guy knitting Blog! πŸ˜€

Manda: It’s a cute puppet, but I’m glad there will be no more decapitated Yakko heads lying around in a mess of yarn guts. That was creepy.

Brian: I still think those heads look like penguins..

50 Responses to Comic 540 – “Yakko Finger Puppet!”

  1. Your pattern says “knickname” instead of “nickname.” Though I think it’s because you’re obsessed with knitting and now you think anything that starts with a “n” sound is spelled “kn”.

  2. The puppet ultimately came out cute though. Before the nose I thought it looked more like No Face with ears lol. But I can see Yakko now in the finished one. πŸ™‚

    This is also the first time in.. several weeks I believe that Errol is doing something other than knitting in the comic XD

  3. I’m with Brian; the pattern looks like gibberish to me. But now I’m wondering what my sister would say if I showed it to her. She’s been knitting for years now, and I’m actually very curious to see her reaction. Then again, she’s a pretty serious person, so she might not react like I’d like.

    My favorite part: “Stuff the head now. Or later. I don’t care.”

    • Well, I wanted to colour code the pattern, but I guess that’s harder for people who want to print it out. Or maybe they wouldn’t print it out, who’s going to see it?

      And yes, my pattern isn’t very serious. πŸ˜€

  4. Now you just need to make 500 more, and of course continue with the Totoros, oh! and make a Yakko with a glow in the dark face… πŸ˜›

  5. I’ll have to show the pattern to my mother, see what she thinks of it. Me, I’m trying to figure out how to crochet the members of the Organization. And possibly a plush yellow submarine for the baby.

      • I’m not on Rav, as I don’t yet know how to knit. To me, Rav is that thing that got my aunt to steal my ipad to show stuff to my mom while we waited for dinner at Boma. Wouldn’t have been so bad, but that was the same aunt who then refuses to let anyone use electronics at the table, Boma is a multi-hour meal, and I was trying to finish a time sensitive game. Le sigh.

        TL;DNR – I’m not on Rav.

        Edit: Yeah, I crochet things randomly. I made a face mask for a Invader Zim cosplay that gave the wearer no ears and green skin. I wear it sometimes when it is cold out. Mostly I just make… things. Once I get some new wool, also planning to try my hand at crocheting pillow cases.

      • I honestly don’t recall now. It might have been trying to breed a limited time dragon in Dragonvale, though.

      • Yeah. XIII. I want Xion the most, but if I can pull off her, why not the rest of them? Of course now I’m debating making their hair out of felt… so I’m very back and forth on how I want to do this. But a crochet keyblade? How cool would that be, even if it was small enough for a doll? Of course, then I’ll want to do ALL their weapons…. Does anyone know how to crochet flower petals? ::grins::

      • Make me a Sora and Riku too! XD Or Hetalia characters. Actually I saw on Pinterest that there’s Hetalia Nordics on Ravelry… someone posted the finished plushies. It was a personal project so no patterns I can bribe people to make for me with. I want those… badly so I’ll be searching to see if they’re for sale anywhere. πŸ™‚

      • I was thinking of making you a Roxas and an Axel, and possible the same for Book, however while Riku could be done once I figure the others out, Sora… will take some more work. And his hair alone might cost me 20$ in materials….

      • Yeah, I hate changing colors, so I may do each color as a separate piece and sew it all together, maybe. Toyed around a bit with junk wool and was able to make a decent head, but it was in variegated wool, so I couldn’t use it. Did learn the jacket will have to be separate, however.

      • *ponders* Yeah I’d prefer Axel and Roxas XD Sora’s hair is a beast but.. shouldn’t Roxas’ hair be the same then? lol

  6. Woot! Ravelry is definitely the most useful knitting resource available on the internet. Seriously, anything you want to knit, you can find it on there. I don’t knit often but when I do that’s where I go to find patterns. Speaking of which, I could really use some fingerless gloves….

  7. Man I can’t believe how this site has exploded with activity over the last few weeks. The comments sections alone get like 20-30 posts a day. That’s crazy. πŸ˜€

      • So what we need to do is talk about knitting turtles? Or… wait, Splinter knitting! I could totally see splinter knitting when the turtles are out. I mean, it’s a calm zen like activity that leaves him armed with what he could clearly use as weapons when it turns out the turtles are chasing a red herring. Can’t see Shredder knitting though…

        Hey, if Shredder knits, does he have to use steel wool?

      • Nah I am used to there being little TMNT talk and knitting is proving quite popular. I am just happy that there is all this activity and it’s spilling over to the podcast.

      • Yes. And Duct tape… and chips… and why do I suddenly feel like I’m making a list of things needed for a fallout shelter? XD

        But oooo knitted chibi TMNT would be adorable…. πŸ™‚