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Comic 541 – “Sibling Love”


Errol: Leezet brought this up not too long ago. I didn’t know she was still wanting to be in the comic. 😀 Our relationship is a lot like this. If you ever listen to anything where she and I interact, it’s not much different than this. 😀

But we do talk almost every day. Now, I just bring her into Google Hangouts and make her talk to Manpans while I knit. All good.

Brian: Hey, I can actually post a “This comic is true” blurb!  Lots of times I get to join in on the hangouts with Leezet and Errol. Errol knits, I code, and Leezet is on her cell phone; it doesn’t inspire many comics. 😛  Still there are lots of laughs and I haven’t heard “I hate you.” used that much in any other conversations! It’s said in love. Leezet is an awesome and fun person and I hope our friendship can continue to grow.  ( Awww 😉 )

30 Responses to Comic 541 – “Sibling Love”

      • Honestly I have to agree on that, phone conversations are always awkward when I’m involved- I much prefer to either type or to speak to somebody in person.

      • I tend to agree. I just don’t like phone calls… much to the chagrin of my mother and father…

      • Ugh, I’m HORRIBLE on the phone. I stumble over my words, ramble on about pointless things, and interrupt people without meaning to. I don’t like conversing with people I don’t know in real life either, but on the phone, even people I know (outside of my husband and maybe my mom), I would just as soon find another way to communicate.

        Edit: Okay, I love the new edit feature, especially the timer, but it stresses me out a little. I’m looking at it counting down, and frantically trying to decide if I should fix anything while I have time.

  1. You know I didn’t actually think of that connotation until I read the mouseover…

    Of course you knit while having others talk around you lol. You may need Knitting Anonymous soon XD. It’s black knitting again. Are you actually making something new or is it just more Torotos?

  2. 1. Brian is adorable
    2. I love Manpans though I feel really sorry for her when it comes to Errol.
    3. This is a very true and funny comic. But for people who don’t know us, it’s truly not that bad. Errol is quite “normal” most times and we have normal conversations. He’s actually a good friend of mine. 🙂

  3. Brian’s text changed color…

    And to me it just seems like a normal sibling relationship. I never thought the words in the comic were verbatim lol. While I don’t have the most ‘sibling-y’ relationship with my sisters I have seen them interact with each other and seen other siblings interact and most tend to have those ‘pick at each other but not meant to be mean’ interactions. That’s adorable that you call each other everyday though *nod nod* 🙂

    • It looked different to me too, but I had hit the right color twice.. I guess third time is the charm as it worked correctly this time! Thanks

  4. Off-topic but since everyone checks here I wanted to let people know that due to scheduling conflicts this week’s podcast has been changed to Saturday instead of Sunday. Same Bat-Time (8PM) same Bat-Channel (3GP YouTube feed, check this site for the link).

  5. Ah, man. Busy from 6pm Saturday, and working until 8 Sunday. Maybe next week. You better all have a good enough time to cover my share as well!