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[ADMIN] Super Secret Blog Take Over!

(Ok… Not really.. But Errol doesn’t know that I’m writing this post.)

It’s Brian Layman – The eHermit here!

So… Errol gave me permission the other day to fix anything that’s broken or add anything I saw that the site really needed…  I’m not sure if he meant to give me carte blanch permission to do anything I wanted, but that’s what I “heard” and I’m rolling with it!  MWAHAHAHAHA

In the first part of my plot to take over the website, I fixed the double display of the forums.  They now only display once per page.  If you haven’t joined us on the forum yet, click here and join in on the discussion!

Then, THEN, I went around at vandalizing the comic posts… That’s right, with the help of my son, Jaxom, all 543 comic posts have been tagged!

You can see this for yourself right on this page.  Look down at the bottom of the right hand side of the site and you can see that there’s a new section called “The Debs and Errol Universe!”.  In that section you can see tags that connect to all of the comics out there on different subjects and related to various members of the community!

For example, you can click on Leezet and see all of the times she doesn’t appear in the comic (note: she does have a character in one comic and now you can find it). You could also learn all about the Dating habits of our favorite comedic entertainers.  You could even see how community members like Mercenary Pen and Kelson have influenced the comics.  Note that certain lowly members of the community who have only appeared a couple times don’t appear in the tag cloud in the widget.  It starts with mentions of 5 or more right now. But I assure you their contributions have been noted and appreciated.  (right?)  That being said, Bathroom humor appears often enough along with Terraria, FAWM, NaNoWriMo and yes, even pho.

I hope you enjoy this new way of looking around the comics.  You can find some neat gems this way by looking at tags like the Guest Comics or even Debs Art to see all the posts Debs wrote (some were still drawn by Errol).






18 Responses to [ADMIN] Super Secret Blog Take Over!

  1. The real plan for this is to have links under the people’s names on the Bios pages. Then you can see all the comics featuring or mentioning them. If you see any comics that need another tag on them, just leave a comment here and I’ll add that tag.

    The criteria we used for coming up with unique tags in a comic was that it had to be a theme at least as popular as pho. If it didn’t come into comics as often as pho, we didn’t make a topic for it. Also, we didn’t tag based upon topics only in the blurbs.

  2. Well, I suppose 7 topics isn’t bad as a starting point- especially for somebody not even in Toronto- I’m not sure that the Bathroom humour needed to be easily searchable though.

  3. Eh the bathroom humor doesn’t bother me… though I’m more amused at the fact that knitting is already an easily searched topic XD

  4. Well, he has been obsessed, and it is something Debs is into as well, how often do their interests collide?

  5. ‘Bathroom’ was originally going to be called simply ‘Poo’. After all, it’s a topic that floats to the surface here more often than one would expect.

    • I wasn’t doubting its frequency for a moment- just the idea that we somehow needed to call attention to it…

  6. I’ve also added a login link at the top of the comment form to make it easier to login.