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25 Responses to 3 Geeks In a Pod – Episode 8 – Live Broadcast

    • Ninja turtles, all the way. Of course, Mikey might just wind up dragging Spidey off for some pizza…

      • 1) Spider-Man now knows Kung-Fu.
        2) Spider-Sense, super human strength, speed and agility
        3) Inverse ninja law

        Even assuming that the TMNT are the protagonist in said situation, they have a history of losing to a faster, stronger and more skilled opponent (ie Shredder).

        Spider-Man wins.

  1. That was awesome! Thanks so much to everyone who joined us. For those that missed it, check out our YouTube channel and you can watch it there.

    We all seemed to like the experience and I think this will be the new format for the show. So there will be plenty of opportunity to enjoy. Hopefully next week we will have our stuff together, and the mic situation worked out.

    Also I forgot to add in the episode that Episode 7 *is* on the way. iPadio is giving me problems uploading it but I promise that its done and coming.

    • I managed to listen to episode 7 through the blog page yesterday if that helps any…

      • I just lost track of time/days. All that living on a tardis nonsense that messes up your head. Depending what time it is, if it is Sundays, I may not get to many of them at all. I have to see what my new work schedule looks like. But hopefully I can!

      • I can poke you when they happen if you want. Silly me assumed you’d realize it was yesterday when you commented on something. When you didn’t show up I figured something came up. Oops..

  2. So I’m definitely not quite geeky enough to join in on the conversation as much as during the NaNoMusical stream, but it was still a lot of fun to be part of. I’m looking forward to more of these!

  3. I’ve only watched the first half an hour so far.
    I love the game Flower, the music and the visuals are almost breathtaking.
    Level-5 are the group who make the Professor Layton games, so mixed with Studio Ghibli it must be a good game! 😀
    JoCo getting ripped off was not good 🙁 I never liked Glee anyway.
    Poor Ja-Mez, the Spider-man news just could not be told without Errol interrupting somehow, I wanted to hear it.
    But the glow in the dark Totoro dance was very funny 🙂

    • Gah! Where’s the edit button on these comments?
      Capital M.
      (annoyed with self)