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10 Responses to 3GP Podcast – Episode 12

  1. Just home from work and catching up, [s] as soon as I can get some quiet, I will be listening to your song, Jez! So excited for you! [/s]

    Edit: just saw it’s a read, not a listen. On my way to read it!

    • Yeah no singing from me lol. I have 2 now, but I like the second one less than the first.

      To answer your comment here, yes the first song is based on the story I want to write for Nano but they aren’t the main couple and that isn’t a good example of how the story will be. It’s sad I love my pre-story, barely there couple more than the mains. XD

  2. That’s fine that they aren’t the mains. Often it’s the secondary and tertiary characters that I like the best.

  3. Ja-Mez, I’m happy to say that I was paying too close attention to your story to actually catch the nose shenanigans.

    Though I do admit “The Return of BvvB” at 18:18 did distract me…