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Comic 561 – “Dandies Time”


Debs: METAL!!!  Sapient and I wrote a song about the Vermicious Knids! To be fair, I didn’t sing. It was more like ornamental shouting. You can check out his metal madness here

Errol:  I’ve been hearing that the last 3 Geeks In A Pod Episode, I was pretty … over the top. I think I was Errol-Level Happy.

 And check out the sidebar. We have a show with The Dandies! 😀


Manda: For the curious, go to 16:50 in the podcast for some of the nose almond shenanigans.

20 Responses to Comic 561 – “Dandies Time”

  1. Do I want to know WHY you had an almond up your nose?

    And yes the energy in the podcast was… massive. XD I think it’s because when the video podcasts began you were so focused on knitting that there wasn’t a lot of Errol-level happy. You were actually really quiet. 🙂

    Woo show! Tape it and post on youtube!

    And I listened to Debs metal song yesterday. It was good! Not something I ever would have pictured her doing though lol.

    • We did another metal song a couple of years ago that was completely massive (7 minutes) where I did actually sing. It was pretty much the most catharsis-inducing thing ever 🙂

      Hms…I don’t think we’re taping, Jez, but maybe we can get something off the board!

      • Metal can be very cathartic. *nod nod*

        Woo for possible taping! XD

        And I’m being forced to go bathing suit shopping today (horrid invention). That’s just going to make me want to gorge on chocolate lol. Ah well.. maybe I’ll find some other things too. I do need some new summer clothes.

      • Ug. Bathing suit shopping is hard, but at least you are in Florida where there is a point to it in February, right? 😀 My strategy is to spend the money once and get a good one that will hopefully last a few years so I don’t have to shop again for a while. When I was a lifeguard back in the day, my team ordered these really nice TYR ones through a catalogue and I swear it lasted for 10 years.

      • I haven’t been bathing suit shopping in 3 years. Partly cause my bathing suit is pretty good, partly because i’m terrified of even clothes shopping let alone shopping for a piece of spandex that will terrify the masses when I wear it.

        The downside is I love swimming…the upside is that since i moved to Toronto my swimming oppurtunities have diminished significantly….that’s not really an upside either :D.

      • Oh I hate swimming but we’re going on a cruise in July and apparently I must have a bathing suit for that just in case. Of course I should mention we’re going to Alaska…

      • Yes there is an abundance of food. XD Not that I do eat all the time but its nice to know I can lol.

  2. It was hilarious. Poor Ja-mez. I was having people over today. Those almonds were meant for them :D. At least Errol didn’t find the chips :D.

    • I just re-watched that part. I was busy in chat and trying to listen to Ja-Mez and somehow missed that whole almond fiasco lol. XD

      • I’m baffled how i could possibly distract you from the Errol shinanigans. You must incredible listening skills and kudos for putting up with my boring info dump when Errol was FAR more entertaining. 😛

      • Some of us are more into intelligent discourse than just Errol being Errol- after all, we can get Errol based shenanigans pretty much any time… I’m just sad that I didn’t catch all of your “boring info dump” because Errol distracted me from it… I got enough to get the point of it, but there were bits I missed.

      • ‘Some’? Uh… I would assume ‘all’ would be more into other things as opposed to Errol. 😀

        Remember who gets the most criticism around here… that would be ‘moi’. 😀

      • To be fair the chat had been distracting me already so I did make more of an effort to listen. I’m baffled on how I missed that also but I kinda just… cut Errol out of my vision for awhile lol.

      • XD Mine was accidental though. I doubt I could do it again. Besides watching you flail around is part of the experience lol.