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Comic 552 – “Totoro Shaker”


Errol: You know what’s awesome about this totoro shaker? It glows in the dark too. Although, I think all of you have seen that now, haven’t you. It’s still fun for me…

Manda: The moment Errol finished this, his children immediately tried to take it as their own. It was pretty hilarious to watch the power struggle ensue.

25 Responses to Comic 552 – “Totoro Shaker”

  1. …You do realise that now we’re all going to want one (or two), right? Hell, you could build a business out of knitting different styles of egg-shaker covers.

  2. Now, we just hide the shaker amid the other knitted Totoros, and we time Errol to see how long it takes him to find it again (preferably while it’s too light to use the glow in the dark feature)

  3. Oh I can just picture that! Errol on one side and his kids on the other stretching the poor Totoro to ruin lol. XD

      • Does anyone look good in that hat- I thought the incongruity of it was the whole point…

      • I suppose it’s not so much about looking good as it is about not caring how you look. My sister made one for my husband for Christmas 4-5 years ago, and he LOVES it. He doesn’t wear it as much now as he used to, though, for fear of wearing/stretching it out.

  4. Sleepy. Got up, went to school, came home to nap, and woke up almost seven hours later. Some nap.

    • Sorry! I need to do the comic tomorrow and then BED TIME! Else I would have offered to pop in myself. 😀

      And chatting is hard… as I’ve said, because I cannot knit… 😀 Ugh… this new hobby is putting a cramp on my online life style… 😀

  5. It’s fine. I found a collaborator in the chat who wants to do music for my lyrics (She’s working on my Doctor Who song now), and I sometimes talk to her in there, but otherwise, I lurk if I am in the chat at all.