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Comic 551 – “Catan Collab”


Errol: We eventually want to put out a new CD, so I guess we should write more songs. πŸ˜€ However, if you’re on this website, I guess you’ll be getting sneak peeks of those songs. πŸ˜€

Debs:Β This song is the most awful earworm ever.

80 Responses to Comic 551 – “Catan Collab”

  1. After listening to that song twice now (once when it was just Errol and once with Debs added) all I want to do is find and try this game. XD I have no one to play with here though so even if I did buy it it would just sit in my room. Maybe I can convince the old people to play lol.

    • I own it, but I’ve never played with my copy because all my friends own it too. It’s a good game. I think I shall send the song to certain of my friends, who are pretty obsessed with Settlers. When we play, we get into vociferous arguments about exactly when the development cards can be used, and sheep are always a major issue in some way or another.

      • Development cards can be used at any time! Just not on someone else’s turn. πŸ˜€

        And point cards… apparently only revealed at the end when you win… from what I deduced from the instructions.

        However, playing the knight before you roll has always been the big thing…

  2. That was awesome! I love the song! My family’s been into Catan for 3-4 years, playing it almost religiously at every family gathering for the first few years.

    My husband tweeted the song to Wil Wheaton (have you seen the Tabletop video where they play it?). I seriously can’t get over how much fun the song is. I will probably listen to it a lot in the next few days.

      • I shared the song on Facebook, tagging my family specifically, and one of my sisters so far has gotten a huge kick out of it. She reshared my link. Of all my family (who are not all that geeky, really), I knew she’d like it, even if none of the rest did.

      • From my mom: LOL I love the last line… “Why do I have so much SHEEP?!”

        Right before she shared the link too.

  3. Its a decent explanation Catan but it does get a little confusing other than that its a very good song
    BTW Errol i had the same problem with sheep last time i played.

  4. Errol obviously doesn’t have the expansion pack that allows him to convert his sheep to yarn…

  5. And if you want to talk about ear worms, two days ago I had to listen to Taylor Swift’s Stay Stay Stay 20 times in a row creating DVDs for a friend’s daughter’s talent show audition… Imagine my life now… even when I wake up it’s “stay stay stay” driving me “mad mad mad”…

      • Well, you’ve got about five or six years to go and then you have a teenager of your very own… (assuming I’m remembering Ekko’s age correctly)

      • 4 teens in a band on a children’s show. The songs aren’t offensive, it is the constant exposure that makes them annoying.

        Edit: And my mother now wants me to do Geek children’s songs for FAWM.

      • oooh, i have some of those. πŸ˜€ I did have a CD that I did in a month and gave out to my friends for Christmas called “Binary for Babies”. πŸ˜€ The only way I could have done that was get other people to write the music for me, and I wrote lyrics.

      • Fairr enough, I don’t know why I thought she was younger than that… My advice, start preparing now, and be aware that:
        1- All the preparation you do will never be enough
        2- Some of it may backfire, making the experience even more intense than it would otherwise have been…

      • Oh…. I’m not really doing anything to prepare.

        All I can do is make her know that I love her… and I love her mother.

      • Errol, take this from an actual teenager:

        – Still pay attention to her but give her a little more freedom.
        -Now’s the time to buy her a phone. She’ll probably want to text and talk and have an iPhone, just like every other teenager.
        -Be supportive! Seriously- you’ll need to be there through the breakups, bad days, and then there’s puberty…

        I mean, those are that things that I want from my parents, so isn’t it the same for all teenagers?

      • I fear the puberty…

        BTW, welcome to the site comments! We see you on Youtube… so it’s great to see you here too!

  6. I just played the game for the first time last Friday, but I’m glad I did, because now I understand the song. I might be able to make the video for you, if you wanted. The custom set will be there on Friday for my game night. Half our people don’t RSVP, but the game did.

    Jez, bring it to Otakon if you get it, I’m already planning on bringing Avalon.

    Hey, Errol, wanna do an Avalon song with me? :: grins::

    • I won’t have room for it. Carry on luggage is small and I need to be able to bring stuff home. XD

      Besides… when would we be playing these games during Otakon??

      • I dunno? In the room? I’m now playing Avalon every week, I’ll be going nuts during the summer without it. But it needs at least 5 to play…

      • How far is Otakon from you guys!

        OH… and if you want to do a vid of it, be my guest! I plan on doing one too. πŸ˜€ But not for a while…

      • Far… for me anyway. It’s in Baltimore, Maryland which is about… 4 1/2 states away, since I have to go across half of Florida too lol. So I fly there. XD

  7. I like to play a little game on these comics now. It’s called “Which comment is new?” Sometimes they’re pretty well hidden!

  8. Now the real question is whether the song really counts as K-Pop having been made in Canada- because I’m not hot enough on my musical genre philosophy to know that sort of stuff.

    • Ah K-Pop! I <3 K-Pop lol. I'm horrible at genres but I don't really count it as K-Pop unless the lyrics are in Korean. Otherwise it's just… Pop. XD

      • Well… it’s way beyond my abilities to write those instructions in korean.

        I did base the song on a number of Kpop songs though… πŸ˜€

      • Kanadian Pop πŸ™‚

        Actually I had to look it up on wikipedia to see what kpop a was πŸ˜›

  9. I sent the song to some friends; one replied by asking me if the person who wrote it was a Klingon. This detail is not really relevant in any way, but it amuses me.

  10. New songs!? A new CD!? I approve. (Even if it is probably a while into the future. Stalk stalk stalk.)

  11. This is totally not important, but I’ve listened to the song a few times since this comic, and I always have to follow along in the lyrics to keep up. When it gets near the end, after the last pre-chorus, the lyrics say there’s a chorus, but there isn’t one before the bridge. I’m used to it now, but the first few times I listened to it, I got confused, and it threw off the whole rest of the song! (*drama*) . Again, probably not important, but it’s something I noticed.