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Comic 570 – “Quick Start”


Errol: It’s the last day of FAWM. I wonder if I will finish anything. Anyway, I am going to chronicle our CON-G adventure in comic form. These will be in white borders. Of course, if something else comes into my mind, I will interrupt it, as I always do.

Debs:Β I’ve got at least 2 to finish. And yes, I have a problem. We should do the thing where you lie to me about time.

46 Responses to Comic 570 – “Quick Start”

  1. You left for the con AFTER the con had started?? *is twitching from that thought* XD

    And.. Debs is like Lore with being on time. XD Only with Lore its more that she’s still packing (enough for 2 months), and we need to get everything in the car (did I mention I have one bag and there’s only two of us IN the car. The one or two times we had 3 was worse), and then there’s the food. Ugh. I’m glad I don’t drive there anymore. πŸ™‚

    Oh… yeah today is the last day of FAWM. I am not getting 14 songs. I have 6 right now, though I may get one more. Depends on how my day goes. Oh yeah.. Debs! Haunt Me has a female vocalist now, but if you want to hear the other version raygungirls sang I can give it to you. He wasn’t happy with his vocals and found someone else to sing it. I’m not sure which version I like better. XD

    • I know what you mean, I tend to be compulsively early for things when I can afford to be… even the idea of being fashionably late irks me if I’m honest.

      • Aww well that’s understandable. I may (big emphasis on may) actually have a job soon and if so that will probably affect my travel time to Otakon also.

    • Ooh, yes, I hate to be late for things… I’m always rushing about the house being frantic about how soon we need to leave. We have been known to miss three buses in a row. I keep saying if I was on my own I would be on time. Not being in control of time can be very unsettling and frustrating for me. *sigh*
      And what’s this about the 600th comic coming up? Is it like what happened for the 500th? *begins to get ideas*

  2. Regarding strip 600, I have an idea that could be fun (and will definitely be crazy)… Basically we take a previous comic and turn it into a mad lib, submitting words to replace whichever ones are taken out…

  3. In my family, as much as I hate lying, it is acceptable within the family to tell each other the wrong time in order to make sure that we get there when we need to. The problem is when we count on that and they didn’t….

  4. I have a friend who I’ve known most of my life. Every time my other friend and I plan events and agree on the meet-up time, we always have to ask β€œDid you factor in Kelsey time?” Sure enough, we tell her an hour earlier than we actually want her there. We end up taking bets on just how late she’ll be.

    • If she’s still turning up late despite being given the extra hour you might want to step that up to two hours… Just saying.

      • Heh it doesn’t work as well when they catch on. Then they just think thy have more time to get ready.. which leads to still being late. That tactic also tends to backfires on me b/c then I’m getting ready earlier and am ready to go earlier than what we planned. XD

      • Ya, me too, Jezbel. Debs hasn’t been late for a gig. So that’s good! She doesn’t go as early as I do, but I go early because I always have a Plan B.

  5. Errol, can sickness be spread over the internet? Because I’m sick.

    Oh, and I hope you took those chicken fingers. Food is food.
    (WAIT! Isn’t Debs vegetarian? What’s she doing with chicken?)

      • Ah. My friend’s sister is the same way, she just wont eat beef. My cousin, however, wont even eat fish. She’s borderline vegan. Has been since she was about 2.

      • I’ve been all over the map, pretty much. I was pescetarian (no meat, but fish), then lacto-ovo vegetarian, then completely vegan (2-3 years?) and now I’m back to no red meat, as Errol said. I can’t call myself veg anymore but eating meat is pretty rare for me – maybe once or twice a week. According to wiki, I am flexitarian or pesce-pollotarian πŸ™‚

        I actually enjoyed being vegan a lot once I figured out how to make yummy desserts but when you add those restrictions onto other ones like avoiding wheat, there’s not a whole lot left.

      • Yeah. My cousin is a borderline vegan… who dislikes vegetables. So no beef, no poultry, no fish, no lamb, no goat, most of the time no eggs, no gelatin, she still isn’t sure how she feels about honey, pretty much all she will eat that ever had to do with an animal is cheese. She mostly eats mac and cheese or grilled cheese. One of the very few people I know with a more restricted diet than my own.

      • Yikes! Honey was the one animal product I had when I was vegan, but there’s debate on whether that’s “legal”. The dairy thing is weird – I won’t drink milk, yet I do cheese and yogurt. What are your restrictions, Lore?

      • Onions (anything in that family) and pickles are definitely out. In VERY small doses I can have fruits, vegetables, carbonation, and black tea. I will not have anything made with alcohol, even if it is cooked off. I actively dislike fatty meat and skin on poultry, same with green tea. So basically I have herbal tea, sugar, salt, grains, and lean meat. For some reason sometimes I can have milk and sometimes milk makes me sick, so often I replace with almond milk, which I love, but does not work so well with cereal. I also cannot have some heavy dyes that are in things like some cereal and candies. I also dislike spices pretty strongly, and can only handle (taste not illness) garlic if it is powdered. On the plus side, I seem to be one of the few in my family upon which caffeine has no effect whatsoever. Oh, but the smell of coffee (in large quantities, like Starbucks, not like sitting with people drinking it) gives me migraines.

      • * Gasp * You don’t like green tea?! There are a bunch of fruits and veggies on my no list from when I got food sensitivity testing done but I think not being able to eat any of them would kill me. My biggest stickler there was grains – wheat, rye, corn, oats, barley, white rice and a whole bunch of others I’m forgetting. But again, super hard to avoid.

      • I dislike green, love reds and herbals, and I like white tea. Miss black tea. My mom loves green tea and white tea, but dislikes reds and tolerates herbals. We are interesting in loose tea shops.

      • Then I’ve gotta ask, do you like yellow tea πŸ˜€ It’s sorta between white and green. Now I’m just being difficult.

  6. *collapses* I finished FAWM.. somehow. XD Next time I need to write more songs earlier and not leave *thinks* 7 for the last day.

  7. @ yellow tea – is that real, or are you joking around? If it is real, we must hunt it down and try it. Even though we have very different tastes in tea, we both LOVE tea in general. Bags, loose, however we can get it.