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Comic 571 – “Road Trip”


Errol: I forgot how much I loved road trips. 😀 Well, I didn’t like the driving aspect of it. I hate driving. 😀 Mind you, no one else will drive. Why do I have to be the responsible one?

Manda: This is an entirely true story, only there were more knock knock jokes. I hate knock knock jokes. Except for interrupting starfish. Actually, I love road trips too, and I was extra excited to be on one but that was diminished by my cold. Poor Errol, if I wasn’t so terrified of not being on your insurance or of Toronto highways I would drive.

ALSO! This Sunday is the podcast once again and we’re doing things up a little differently! We’ll be talking about our favourite fandoms and we wanted to invite you, yes that’s right, YOU, to join us on google hang-out! Yup, that means there’s the potential for there to be about 10 different people with us on the podcast on Sunday. Let us know if you’d like to be included as we have a limited number! Stay tuned for more details because I don’t know what ones to advertise!

27 Responses to Comic 571 – “Road Trip”

  1. Oddly I enjoy a roadtrip too, more when I don’t have to drive.. which isn’t often. However I’m not sure people like roadtripping with me.. since I tend to have road rage easily. I can’t help it. All the other people driving annoy me and have no idea what they are doing. XD

    Woo podcast! And.. tempting. I hate public speaking but somehow talking online to a bunch of virtual strangers doesn’t bother me lol. I just doubt I’d be able to talk about anything interesting. Most of my fandom is anime with bits of Dr Who, RvB, Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and Sherlock currently. I have others obviously but those are the ones at the forefront right now. *shrugs* So I’m up for it as long as there’s room but if you have more people who have stuff to talk about then I’m content just to watch. *nods* 🙂

    Oh and just for info sake.. like I said last night I finished FAWM, but I never finished TAD lol. Oops. I kinda ran out of things to do and then songs took over my life. XD

  2. I may be interested in joining you. I bought pirate swords yesterday. These two facts are mostly unrelated.

  3. I love Kelson. There is no reaction on his face in all four panels. It’s hilarious. Though, I am envisioning him with more of a smirk. Again, with no reaction throughout the four panels but a chronic smirk.

  4. I love Jezbel. She’s such a faithful, devoted fan. And so enthusiastic. I’d love to see her road rage….

    • It’s not pretty… Lore can confirm that. I’ve freaked her out on more than one occasion while screaming (and attempting unsuccessfully not to curse) about either other drivers… or things I was told while driving. XD

  5. I love Kari. She is absolutely hilarious. I love her humor.
    I’m pretty sure if I lived in Toronto, I’d be begging to be her friend….

    • Well, clearly, we all love Leezet. I have never met Leezet, but that’s okay. Someone should write a song called “Internet Love.” Maybe I will. Maybe not. Now I need to go teach undergrads about Star Wars.

    • You’ll just have to walk Lizette through using Gravatar when she comes over to your neck of the woods in April…

      • Cute but not as clever as Troy and Abed as Marty and Doc hanging out of the Dreamatorium that looks like Inspector Spacetime’s vessel.

      • Ohhh is that what that was? I saw the shirt and thought it looked cool but I didn’t know who they were. I should actually watch Community one day.. XD

      • I am SO glad you pointed that out. My husband is going to die when I show him that. We’ve been watching all of Community over the last few months, and are almost to season 4. Such an amazing show; I’m so glad he pushed for us to try it out.

  6. Dear goddess what a day. I had a meeting, then a 3 hour class, then a meeting, then wound up walking far more than need be, then went to work, then game night…. and I am presuming I will not be razzed forever, because I have never seen BSG but just spent three hours playing the board game. We only got 2 out of 8 jumps, whatever that means, through. In three hours. I thought Year of the dragon and Settlers were confusing games. Forget it, those are as easy as Go Fish compared to the BSG board game. (Though I was led to believe it would have been less complex if they hadn’t brought ALL the expansions) Now I think I *HAVE* to watch it…. Just to know who in the world I was playing….

    • You really do have to watch- so say we all (apart from the ones who don’t, like Errol)

      Also I could really do with finishing Caprica- but that involves juggling schedules with most of the rest of my family…

      • Well at least that one is on Netflix, and I assume it’s the 2003-2008 one everyone is talking about right (4seasons)? There’s a 1978 and 1980 series also.

        Netflix let me down on Wreck it Ralph, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Community.

      • Yes, it’s the recent one that everyone’s talking about, though I’ve seen both that and the 78/80 series…

      • The older series was perfect an 7 year old boy growing up in the ’70s. I had a lemonade stand to raise money for tickets to see the movie, but then was sick that night and all of my cousins went without me. That’s one of the few times I remember bawling my eyes out. After almost 35 years, you can definitely see the 70s influence on the show.

      • The question is, do we want to create a BSG spoiler thread on the forums?

      • It’s just waiting for one to be created! There’s lots to talk about, like how the whole series was inspired by Mormonism.