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13 Responses to 3GP Episode #16 – “Turtle Power”

  1. Everyone else had corned beef and cabbage and potatoes for dinner. X.X I had to make my own meal. Ah well.

  2. Though I have to make myself avoid thinking about it in order to not agree with Manpans on the return of Firefly, there is actually a parallel for Firefly coming back after the break with Red Dwarf also coming back for a movie, season X and coming soon XI.

    Red Dwarf Back to Earth was a 3 part miniseries in 2009. It’s now considered Red Dwarf IX and Red Dwarf VIII was 1999. So that’s IS a show coming back with the original actors. And I think it actually worked well! Did any one else see it?

    I need to update my fandom list on the wiki.

    • You’re a little behind the times with that info- Red Dwarf X aired in the UK last year.

      • That’s true, but that’s also why I said “and coming soon XI”.

        Ah, I used “coming back” in what I think would be a “past progressive” tense.. I should perhaps have been more clear by saying “having come back”.

        I’ve not heard much about Season XI yet. Right after Season X ended, the DAVE Channel did confirm on Facebook that there would be a season XI.

  3. I don’t understand how everyone is talking about The Kraang. I always though Krang was one person. Are the two related?

    • Krang(1987) was an adaptation of the Utrom, an alien species from the TMNT comics who were mistaken as enemies and were discovered to have been responsible (in part) for the mutation of the Turtles.

      When they started the first animated series they took the character look of the Utrom and adapted it to a new villain with a different back-story (not an alien, from dimension X, brain separated from body). They called him Krang.

      In the newest iteration, they’ve used elements from both stories. The Kraang are a collective species that resemble the Utrom and utilize similar technology. They are also responsible for the mutation of the Turtles. However, they are not aliens, the are from Dimension X.

      I hope that clears things up.