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3GP- Episode 17- Doctor Who

Sunday, tonight at 8:00pm EST. We will be discussing Doctor Who in celebration of the 50th anniversary!!


16 Responses to 3GP- Episode 17- Doctor Who

  1. All the fun of a main topic that Errol knows next to nothing about- do you really think he’ll pay any more attention than usual?

  2. That was fun! Good job all!

    Before the show I edited the original post to make the cast window a bit bigger like I did for ep 13. Is it too big for anyone? Is it better in the smaller size for anyone?

  3. And by the way Not-Errol, you were a great guest co-host. Please come back and co-host again some time!

  4. Cool, thanks for the edit, Brian. I haven’t found the exact measurements… but you did!

    What is the exact width?

    • I used
      height=”349″ width=”620″
      height=”391″ width=”620″
      for the video and chat respectively.

      I’ll adjust the CSS sometime to give them both a better right margin, but those dimension seem to be correct.

      EDIT: CSS adjusted. Now the iframes are not on the far right edge.

  5. OK Now I am feeling completely unobservant having missed the whole Allons-y meme.. Though there were several times (Like with the other doctor Christmas special and the scene with Alonso) where I remember thinking “What did he say? I’ll have to rewind to hear that again…”

    I think I can blame a filter I had built up watching Red Dwarf. There were just some jokes I knew I would never understand because they were British inside jokes and so should just be ignored till later. Usually these were references to British celebs. Even so after watching this whole montage, I can’t believe I’ve missed this the whole time…

    • I think I first really picked up on it during “Midnight,” partly because he explains what it means, which made it more understandable. And then when the creepy woman said it before he repeated it, it stuck out even more. I watched the whole season in a short space of time, though, so I don’t remember a lot of details about it. I do think, though, that I saw the Titanic episode, where he is all excited because he finally gets to say, “Allons-y, Alonso,” without noticing what he said earlier about how one day he’d love to meet someone named Alonso so he could say that. Some time later, I rewatched the first 4 seasons through again and caught it then.

      • OK I don’t feel too bad then Kristi. I mean I remembered that part in Midnight too. And I rewound the part in “The Next Doctor” a few times to figure it out but gave up.. I never connected it to multiple episodes. Now it will stand out everywhere. Kind of like the word “ennui” – which Kari also used in her song and jumped out at me because Errol’s used it in two songs and I had to look it up. oi French..