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Comic 590 – “Merril Collection”



Errol: Tonight! An evening of Filk at the Merril Collection! I don’t have to bring my gear because Leslie and Devin are bringing theirs! HUZZAH!

Manda: I fixed the comic number. Poor tired Errol brain.

Debs: Cool. Thanks Manda. I’m happy there’s no guitar involved so I don’t have to lug it. 

10 Responses to Comic 590 – “Merril Collection”

    • I remember playing flute in high school and laughing at just about everyone else in the band walking home because they were lugging tubas and stuff 😛

      • I played flute too. Then I took up the piccolo. My sister, on the other hand, played the baritone sax. We sort of went in opposite directions in that respect. However, I’ve played heavy, cumbersome instruments as well. The accordion is probably a case in point.