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Birthday Message to Mercenary Pen

Hi Mercenary Pen,

You’ve been a part of all our lives for so long. It’s unforgivable that we forgot to celebrate how special you are.

But thankfully, I am a bonafide geek and can incorporate all your fandom preferences in a humorous and relevant way!

Dragonriders of Pern!!!!:


Ghost in a Shell:

Star Wars!!

Ok, Ok, I’m not a geek. Clearly.

HOWEVER, I happened to finally read Hithchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy at the urging of a fellow geek friend. It was an anniversary edition and so had some extras in the back of the book that they had retrieved from their archive. I thought you’d especially like this one.

Happy Birthday, MP. I hope to someday meet you.

From Lizette
AKA Leezet

16 Responses to Birthday Message to Mercenary Pen

  1. Thanks very much Leezet, and yes I cringe every time someone labels a Gangnam style video as Gundam style- because invariably they don’t include Gundam elements…

  2. Hi guys, lots of catching up to do. So first thing is first.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MP! I am so sorry I missed it. I too… fail to watch the birthday forum as much as I should, and have not been poking at the wiki these past few days. (Been sick. Again.) I will, however, jump on the belated birthday geekery bandwagon just as soon as I figure out something creative to do!

    And also CONGRATS TO OLL FOR P4A!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCKING AND AWESOME. Does your wiki have a section to boast about winning P4A for OLL? It should!

  3. Happy (belated) birthday, Mercenary Pen! 😀
    Consider this message as one that is mostly harmless.
    May you enjoy all the gold on Magrathea.

    I started doing Gangnam Style in dance today to “Suit and Tie”. No one joined in…

  4. Happy Birthday Mercenary Pen even though I don’t really know you because well really I don’t post here much but I do like run on sentences. Happy Birthday!

    (,,,,,, <—– here are a bunch of commas which are missing from the above. Add them in as you wish, or at random, whatever floats your boat, because, hey.. it's not even really your birthday. Sorry.)