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Comic 580 – “Brushing”


Errol: Huzzah! Toothpaste once again! 😀

Debs: Why is everyone sleeping in their day clothes! Also, your toothbrush looks like a Q-Tip, Errol.

Manda: This was honestly a little bit creepy and hilarious all at the same time.



39 Responses to Comic 580 – “Brushing”

  1. It’s a good thing you’re you Errol, other wise those creepy stalker-like moves might get you in trouble lol.

    And Debs those aren’t day clothes. Those are pajamas that are conveniently the same style as your day clothes! XD

  2. Does Errol also sparkle in the sunlight and spend a lot of time angsting about how he wants to kill his true love? I ask merely for information.

    • Oh my gosh. I got a really good looking fantasy book out of the library “A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness and it is soooo blatantly Twilight. There’s a stupidly overprotective brooding vampire in love with the main character. And it’s like 1000 pages long… oO

      • I have heard some very, very bad things about that book. I know one publisher lady who was asked to review it for some newspaper or other. She immediately developed a deep hatred for it and insults it loudly in public at every opportunity. From your description, it does sound very Twilighty.

      • Ew. Sorry you had to read any of it then. I hate when a book looks good enough to get you excited, then utterly fails to deliver. What kind of book are you looking to read, maybe we can recommend?

      • The problem is, I hate stopping things once I start….but if it’s this long…:P
        I’ve actually got a few others I should be reading like the last book in the Ender series and “A Dance with Dragons”. So I should be good for a while with those 🙂 Now is a bad time to recommend me things because the library across the street is under renovation (so it’s hard to put things on hold and all we’ve got is a bookmobile for an hour a week) but the time shall come!

      • I’m the same way Debs or I was till a few years back. Finally I got to a book that made me realize that it’s not my fault the author is horrible and their lack of skill doesn’t obligate me.

        The second and third books of
        convince me again.

        All that book series was, I think, were the notes of a teenage D&D DM, replete with the heroine’s shirt having mechanical difficulties, or her whole outfit being disintegrated with acid. Oopsy!

        Yeah it was not my fault that series was garbage…

  3. This is funny, I know the feeling when people make noise and you’re sort of sleeping…anyway. I’ve never commented before but sort of felt like maybe I should seeing as I’ve been a fan of Debs and Errol for well over a year now, reading the comics, watching videos and such. I’m still a geek in training, really-I’ve never seen Star Wars 🙁 – but I still love all of your songs. 🙂
    Anyway, this was a bit weird and random, so bye. 🙂

    • We live on weird and random! And we love when people comment! ALLOOO!!

      Please, keep on being weird and random and comment! 😀

    • Hello, and welcome. And you don’t need to like our fandoms to have fun here. Trust me. 🙂

    • You aren’t the only one 🙂
      I’ve been following Debs and Errol since November, and despite reading all the comments nearly every day I’ve never commented myself. I haven’t watched Star Wars either, and I read books rather than comics… in fact, I’m not even sure I qualify for geek in training 😛 I love all the D&E songs though, and they’ve brought to light many more things I feel like I should watch when I have time/money.

      Errol – your Neil Gaiman song prompted me to try reading some of his books. I really enjoyed them, so thanks 🙂

      • Ooo, which ones did you read, Hannah? I have read “Stardust” (loved) and “American Gods” (totally sucked at understanding it). And I don’t read comics either 😀

      • Good Omens (I found this searching for Neil Gaiman books, but I’ve read lots of Terry Pratchett before) and Neverwhere. I was thinking of reading ‘American Gods’ next but maybe I’ll read ‘Stardust’ instead.

      • Debs! You should read Anansi Boys. It’s actually in the same universe as American Gods, but it’s FREAKING HILARIOUS! Seriously, awesome :D. And you don’t need to have read American Gods to read it.

      • YAY! A delurked person! If we all you new people keep showing up, eventually I won’t feel like a new kid on the block 😀

        BTW I like Neil Gaiman’s screen plays the best out of all of his work. His “The Doctor’s Wife” and the Penn and Teller episode of Babylon 5 were great!

      • If your the new kid on the block what am I? I’m certain I came in after you lol. 🙂

      • I bet you’re probably looking forward to the episode he’s doing for this year’s doctor who then.

      • Huzzah! Allooo Hannah! 😀

        I read more books than I do comics myself as well! Because of all the comic talk though it may seem like we’re only comic readers. 😀

        And huzzah for more Neil Gaiman reading!

        Welcome to the commenting section!

      • Hi Hannah! Good to see you again! Actually, I mostly read books as well, although I’ve gotten more into comics int he last few years. Except they’re not things like Spiderman or Batman. Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series was what got me started on them :D.

        And yay Neil Gaiman! American Gods is amazing. If you want another funny one, Anansi Boys is so great for that. It’s actually an offshoot of American Gods, but you don’t need to have read it to read anansi boys.

  4. Errol, there’s only 20 more comics until 600!

    And nice background! Were you all camping out on the grass in a green sky?

    • Ya… I’ve been keeping track of number of comics.

      Any ideas for 600?

      Wait… MP gave us ideas. I should start planning!

  5. Wow, people replied to me. That’s awesome! 😀 I laughed a lot at some of those comments. ‘Warning: May contain nuts’ for example. 🙂 If funny jokes happen every time I comment, I will have to comment more often. 🙂