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34 Responses to Comic 573 – “Con-G Concert!”

  1. Okay, that settles it. Anyone taking Errol anywhere should be carrying chains and padlocks, because otherwise he WILL wander off…

  2. This was hilarious. Errol didn’t actually say “I should turn your guitar down”. He did think it though. All we saw was him look perturbed and then just wander off stage while Debs was singing.

    • That’s not the issue- the issue is that you might do enough to distract from the awesome… same in the podcasts…

      • Nothing can distract people from Debs awesome. She didn’t even know I was gone! 😀

        However, sadly, I had to go off stage. We didn’t have a sound tech person monitoring it.

    • Eee! I watched that episode yesterday 😀 * Runs through the song * ….I think I’m on “Flesh and Bone” now.

  3. For those people who might be interested, I have now watched Grave of the Fireflies… I kind of expected it to hit me harder…

    • Yeah… it was sad, hit me hard, but try watching that and Barefoot Gen the same night.

      • Probably didn’t help the impact that I’d just had a main character death strip in one of my usual webcomics today…

      • Really REALLY hoping you are talking about Roy. Otherwise I am further behind than I thought…

      • You’re further behind than you thought- Roy got rezzed a while back (and his death was something 200 or more strips ago I think)

        Edit: significantly more than 200 strips ago

      • Found it now and that was almost exactly half the comic ago now (it was strip 443 and we’re now on 887)

      • That’s a long comic…

        I’m trying to remember if I ever looked at this one.. *checks* and.. nope. XD

      • No I knew that. I was hoping YOU were behind, Just caught up. All I can say is WRONG ONE! Take the halfling. I could live with that.

  4. Haha 😀 must be hard having no sound person… I dunno, the places I’ve played at have someone to fix the sound as you go, though it’s not always perfect.
    Oh, and I notice Debs’ character was flipped and the flower changed sides…

  5. Yeah, I really hate having no sound person. I always like if I stop to deal with sound, I’m making people wait and that’s bad, so I’m really glad Errol went and fixed it. And yeah 😀 It always changes sides, hehe!

  6. I did my first for class documentary with a sound person who was also doing her first big project at the time. Problem was, we were doing a documentry on a comedian, and she was trying too hard not to laugh (we both were) to keep proper track. I should have noticed, as it was my project, but I failed to. So editing was… fun. I had to double all my audio tracks and hope.

  7. There. Caught up on OOTS, GG, WOTB, PHD, and of course, this one. Tomorrow, if I survive school, maybe I’ll tackle Help Desk and GPF.