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Comic 574 – “Late Concert”


Errol: We were so tired that night. And I was coughing up a storm. We weren’t as quick with our banter as we usually are.

Debs: Yeah, Errol would say things and I’d respond 20 seconds later. And he was coughing a lot so he picked a lot of songs where singing duties fell mostly to me. Poor Errols. 

Manda: We were all very tired, me because of sickness :D. And the no set list problem led to about four slow, mellow songs being sung in a row. I lasted for an hour after the concert before fever took me again.

16 Responses to Comic 574 – “Late Concert”

      • Zombie Errol isn’t much better… after all, he’s more likely to wander off and eat someone’s brains… or at least try and fiddle with sound equipment…

      • Wandering off to find something to eat isn’t really an unusual habit for me.

        That’d be some funny comics… what if we were all Zombies?

        And manpans was the only one that wasn’t… 😀

      • We’ve noticed how unusual a habit that isn’t- case in point at least two livestreams (probably more, but I can name two)

      • I can think of others… 😀 I should get snacks ahead of time. The problem is, I’m the one that has to set things up! Maybe I should get manpans to ready snacks for me.

      • Lets be honest, you should eat directly before you start… That way there won’t be almonds to insert into noses live on the internet etc.

      • That’s the problem, he DOES eat directly before we start :P. We had sushi before the last podcast!

      • In that case, my advice immediately becomes less useful. You could always poke him with forks instead… Or use him as a footstool.

      • That would stop me from eating? And manpans doesn’t like touching me, nor does Ja-mez. 😀 Footstool or no footstool.

      • Thinking about it, the person with the most to fear about zombies is probably The EHermit- after all, dyslexic zombies eat Brians don’t they?