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Comic 578 – “OLL Won!!”


Errol: Remember Project 4 Awesome and the comics and video we did? Well, OLL are one of the ten charities that won. And your voting and commenting and support helped that. We are super stoked and pumped! Thanks guys! 😀

Debs: What Errol said!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manda: This is amazing news! I spent much of the day trying to contain my excitement. Poor people in my office :). I am extremely proud of you guys :D.

31 Responses to Comic 578 – “OLL Won!!”

  1. I’m pretty sure this was over by the time I got into D&E and such so I wasn’t able to vote, but I’m so glad you guys won! 🙂

  2. Of course, it helped that there were a few other videos on behalf of the OLL, but yours got the majority of the attention…

    • We were actually worried about that, MP. Was the votes based on a video basis, or an organization basis. We read the rules and it was on a video basis.

      Howevere, we are nobodies in the YouTube world. OLL got behind us and helped promote the video.

      Despite there were a few people that hated my guts, we still won!! Huzzah! Yay for wrimos!

      • In that case, I am now better informed- and the fact that you managed it despite a potential vote split is quite something.

      • Happy birthday, btw, MP. Since you’re the one that always comes up with crazy ideas, there were no crazy ideas for your birthday! 🙁

      • I know, you would have thought with all the other crazy around here somebody could have thought of something, but apparently I’m the one who takes it to the next level.

      • You now have a friend request from me on facebook which will help… Going to be having my first ever game of Settlers of Catan later.

      • Ended up playing to only seven victory points, because it was getting late- and I narrowly lost on a calculated gamble when trading- oh well.

  3. With this job, all my crazy now goes into getting the comic down and teaching debs and manpans wiki !

    It’s hard having a job! If there were Internet on the subway, imagine everything I could get done!


    • I’m okay with any Gundam series except Seed and Seed Destiny- which I find rather too angsty for my taste. Thank you very much.

      Now the question is, can you place the anime from which the character in my gravatar is drawn?

      • Welcome! 🙂

        I actually thought it was an OC.. oops. I can’t place it though and even looked up a few things to see if I could find it. XD

      • Artwork is a little stylized, but try looking for Chrono Harlaown from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha- you should get results…

      • It comes highly recommended- so if it looks like your sort of series, then maybe have a look.

  4. Is it bad that I’ve started substituting Tribble with Errol in “Didn’t know the Tribble”?