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Comic 577 – “Bad Judgement”


Errol: I had started a new job and was waking up at insane hours. Oh well, at least I was never late to work.

Debs: Wait, you sleep in glasses and your Errol shirt? 

Manda: He forgot to add in 7am. You can imagine what followed.

15 Responses to Comic 577 – “Bad Judgement”

  1. Manda, I don’t think he forgot 7am, that’ll probably be worth another strip.

  2. Is it bad that since I know what’s coming I’m kinda bouncing in anticipation to see it happen in the comic? XD

  3. You know, I’m quite enjoying that Con-G has forced Errol to start adding scenery and furnishings to the comic- it adds that little something.

    • Takes me longer to do, of course. And sadly, I have less time because of the job. I sure hope I can get tomorrow’s comic out. I don’t plan on being home at all tonight!

  4. Well, the P4A has just announced which charities are getting the money, and the OLL is one of those channels: