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Comic 592 – “Everybody Hates Elves”


Errol: When we were at the Merril Collection Filk concert, we heard Kari play this song. It was awesome. And then, we learned that she had entered a Uke contest and didn’t really tell anyone. She only mentioned in passing that she voted for herself. So, please, vote for her. Yes, it will go to some teenage kid playing One Direction, but still. Vote.

Debs: It’s a crazy awesome song!!

Manda: It IS an awesome song! And hey! I’m getting better at promoting myself!

31 Responses to Comic 592 – “Everybody Hates Elves”

  1. Thanks, guys. And yes, I suck at self-promotion. In this case, it was partly just that I checked the contest on day one and saw that all the fourteen-year-old boys who wanted to be Jake Shimabukuro already had hundreds of votes. I don’t even KNOW hundreds of people. So yeah…no worries. But now I have nine votes, and only two of them are from me! That’s quite awesome enough.

    Debs and Errol haven’t mentioned that they also played some great pieces at the Merril concert. Both were covers; one was a sexy jazz song about lusting after Legolas. Everybody was very impressed. Amusingly, “Everybody Hates Elves” and “Legolas” were played almost back to back.

  2. Didn’t get to listen, because I’m watching the baby, with an abscess, while my mom (who is supposed to be her sitter) is trying not to be sick. But I’ve heard and red enough of your stuff to trust the quality and vote based on that. Hoping to listen later when the kid goes down for a nap, but I may go down for one myself at that point. Been up since about 5pm yesterday.

  3. I also haven’t got a chance to listen, as I am currently using borrowed wi-fi that doesn’t let me load things from the internet such as music and youtube, but I was the 20th vote! I must say though, I don’t hate elves but some of them can be downright snobby!

  4. But aren’t β€œEverybody Hates Elves” and β€œLegolas” like matter and antimatter? πŸ™‚

  5. * Laughs * Yes. That’s why we put “Homecoming” in the middle. But…maybe the “everybody” is everyone in Middle Earth. That way, outside-the-world lust can still happen. Maybe? Kari?

  6. More and more, I’ve been encountering insanely talented women for whom I have the utmost admiration, trying to devise ways to become their best friend, and realizing that the “Imposter syndrome” is actually a true phenomenon.

    I was vote 22. And 23….

    • “Imposter syndrome” is my middle name and will likely also be the name of my firstborn child.

      I would very much like to meet you eventually, Leezet, since everybody talks about you, and yet thus far, I know you only as what looks like a little pixelated Ewok. (Seriously, look at that thing. It’s totally an Ewok.) You do seem very cool.

  7. I dislike daily vote systems… in my mind one person one vote is much more worthwhile than “who can crack the whip on their family and friends the most”.

    I was vote twenty seven Kari- and one of the earliest views for the song video on youtube…

    • I agree. I tried to vote, but someone else from the eHermitage had already voted. Sometime before vote 20 because that’s what it was at when I was told “You have already voted the maximum number of times today.”.

      The point of the 1 vote per day is purely for increasing page views on the site. The motive could either be to get people used to coming back to the site or simply increase the number of impressions. Still it has nothing to do with the accuracy of voting.

      • My assumption is that they’re doing it to boost their ad revenues until proven otherwise- I tend to be fairly cynical about these things…

      • Yeah, me too. I entered on a whim and wasn’t planning to tell anybody about it, but then this happened. You guys certainly shouldn’t feel obliged to vote every day, though I do appreciate your support. One of the teeny Jake fans will win. I too think that daily voting is silly; it makes more sense for draws (one entry per day) than it does for these sorts of popularity contests.

        At any rate, I like the D&E comic very much. Also, one of the contest entrants is playing the Totoro theme, which should please Errol.

  8. With regards to the song title, any antipathy I have towards elves is eclipsed by my hatred of the “gnomes as engineers in a fantasy world” thing that some D&D settings have going for them.

    • Unfortunately, “Everybody Hates Gnomes as Engineers in a Fantasy World” just doesn’t scan very well. But I can certainly see how that might annoy you.