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Comic 593 – “Panelist Partner”



Errol: This girl was awesome. I wish I remembered her name. I had an amazing fun time during this panel. 😀

Manda: Her name was Ariana actually! And the panel was awesome. It’s a good thing I didn’t participate actually, everyone was hardcore fans and would have murdered me for my lack of knowledge.

Errol: And tonight, as a reminder, tonight is the Holodeck Follies, Star Trek Improv Night with the Dandies! 😀 

Edit: Aw poo. I had the proper name for Venellope and now I realize I didn’t export the right [version of this comic]. *sigh*


12 Responses to Comic 593 – “Panelist Partner”

    • What?? Aw crap, I thought I put the proper comic up. Darn it, I forgot how to spell Venellope so I just put in penelope as a placeholder….. GRRRRRR!

      Let me change that.

  1. My sister wants to play Sugar Rush. Well, so does Bro. I am happy with having Fix-it Felix Jr. on my ipad.