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Comic 594 – “Parody Panel”


Errol: Actually, I had a lot of fun at this panel! I thought it went quite well. In fact, we wrote a song with our participants and we have it right here for you to watch! 😀

Debs: Hey! We know “I Knew You Were Trouble”. We parodied that too, remember? And I totally know “American Woman”. Shouldn’t this comic have white borders? I pay attention!

13 Responses to Comic 594 – “Parody Panel”

  1. I laughed out loud when Errol yelled out “ON YOUR FACE!!” It was just so funny. So silly. So so so silly.

  2. Kitty!!! So cute! <3

    And that song could also be taken in a psycho-stalker kinda context too… or is it just me that makes that kind of connection? XD

  3. Winter Wrapup! [/might possibly be a pegasister…]
    I’m waiting for your parody of that.

    Nice faces in the video, Errol!