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2 Geeky for You Concert- Report!

cakey cake

Manda: No comic for today, but that’s because Debs and Errol were having a super grand time at their 2nd anniversary concert last night and we didn’t finish up until around 1am! It was fantastic! Lizette and I ended up making loot bags for the event (which was an adventure in and of itself). There ended up being a slight mix-up with the venue, but it ended up with us getting pretty much the entire upstairs to ourselves and to be supplied with the most awesome bartender in the world, Anders. Seriously, if Anders is reading this, you are the best. We had a FULL HOUSE! I saw old friends I hadn’t seen in a while and met new friends (apologies if I didn’t get to talk much, it was a busy night).

Nerds With Guitars were geektastic and awesome even though there was a thunder storm going on outside (because the second room was sort of outside, half the audience had to endure some leaky patio roof issues, but they were very accomodating :D). Then there was cake (pictured above) supplied by the talented Jason Wesley at the Silver Ball Bakery. Then of course it was on to Debs and Errol themselves, and I don’t think it could have gone better. People sang along with the songs, Lizette finally got to see them play, Errol and Debs did FINE with Catan (there was one screw-up, but it was saved :D), Debs sang an awesome cover of Legolas, and Errol pushed some personal space boundaries with “Undead Crawler”. Oh! And my friend Jen (the one who Errol sniffs…sorry Jen) gave me a Zelda keychain from PAX! It was AWESOME!  All in all, it was a phenomenal night. Thanks so much to everyone who came out and supported Debs and Errol. I am very tired today :D.

13 Responses to 2 Geeky for You Concert- Report!

  1. Just updated live performances for How to Play Catan on the wiki- though that’ll need a link to the entry for the liveshow when there is such an entry… Because I fail at pretty much any code other than BBCode…

  2. So sorry I didn’t make it! I could barely walk after my move, though. 🙁

    And Ms. Manda, I don’t think you should be talking about keychains … 😛

  3. If there is video, I can edit it into a fun concert vid, if ya’ll want.

    But… maybe not this week. Just had an emergency dental procedure. They couldn’t knock me out, so I am in a ton and a half of pain just now, and the thought of huge editing phones….

    btw, on the cake, Errol’s symbol looks tradis-esk. Cool.

    • Oh no 🙁 What happened, Lore? Dentist stuff sucks!
      I’m not sure the whole thing was filmed, actually. But I don’t think it was? I know that our friend Arwen got at least a little bit of it!

      • I thought it was going to be an emergency root canal. This was the third flareup of the same upper jaw Abscess. But the dentist sent me for an extraction. I had to be awake for it, they were annoyed at the screaming. But I didn’t bite anyone. There was a gross ball of infection attached to the root of the tooth when they pulled it out. I got to keep the tooth in an envelope, but they sent the infection to pathology.

    • You OK Lore? I’m cringing at thoughts of abscesses and such… (Boy there are a lot of s’s in that word… that must make it hard to say with a numb mouth..)

  4. Congrats on 2 years as a band! That cake does look good.

    Some YouTuber called Sandw1chBoy uploaded some videos of the performance maybe. I’m not sure if it’s the performance or not. It probably is.

    • Thanks Meli! Oh my gosh, they were SO GOOD! Oh!! That would be my friend Roupen! I’m going to look right now!