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Quick Post – IndieGogo Campaign!

This will just be a quick post because I don’t want to overshadow our show tonight.

Here’s a quick peek at our new indiegogo campaign: Geeky, Musicy, Parody EP!

16 Responses to Quick Post – IndieGogo Campaign!

  1. I know which level I WANT, but realistically, I know which one I am paying in towards, and what I am voting. Just need to get my bank account fixed. Good luck guys! I’m so excited for you!

    • Broken bank account? Ugh, banks scare me. Hope it gets fixed! And … don’t spend so much money on D&E. … 😀

  2. Heh yeah I knew which one I wanted too… sadly I couldn’t afford it. Still I wound up donating twice since I wanted the shirt, shaker and comic character lol. XD Good luck! I really hope you guys make the goal.

  3. I’ll need to double check what the exchange rate is and see how funds are towards the end of the month so that I know whether I’m donating before or after my next paycheque- but I think I know what I’ll be going for…

  4. Well, exchange rate isn’t that far different from the US dollar exchange rate at the moment… (I needed to check that one last week for the last crowdfunding project I donated to)

    • Ya, the US and Canadian dollar are pretty close. It’s been awful for CDN because we used to count on our lower dollar for trade. And then… the US economy did so badly and Canada didn’t…

      • Yeah, I hate the fact that US Dollars are so close to Canadian now because I get paid in US for transcription.

  5. Have you considered the cost of the exorcism on Debs room?

    Personally I think you should add a $1000 “All of the above and get Leezet drawn in the comic” option. 🙂 Not that I can afford that atm…

    • Knowing Errol, he’d probably draw her facing backwards even if it was a donation perk… (also he’d probably want more money for it)

      • If you listen to the video, I’m certain you can hear a ghost going whoooOOOOoooooo through the whole video.. It’s kinda funny during the cuts 🙂